About Us

  Vanuatu City Consultant. is a professional immigration project consulting company, established under the authorization of the local government of Vanuatu, and its customers are all over the world.

  The company has a strong project team, familiar with Vanuatu's immigration laws and policies, procedures and audit requirements. It has established extensive and in-depth good cooperative relations with relevant departments and accumulated rich practical experience. Vanuatu is a safe haven for the financial turmoil. We will customize the immigration program to our customers while reducing the project risk, and serve the masses with the best attitude and high sense of responsibility.

  Since its establishment, Vanuatu City Consultant has helped many families with professional counseling services, which has been recognized by many customers.

  Company Address: P.O. Box 922, Port Vila, Vanuatu

  Contact number: + 678 5262969

  E-mail: globalvanuatu@gmail.com


Our advantages

three key

  • Ultra-Low Price


    Vanuatu DSP is almost the lowest legal citizenship program.

  • Full-services


    We are providing comprehensive solutions to green card, immigration, properties, investment and other aspects of problems.

  • Agency Cooperation

    The customer

    We have a branch in Vanuatu as designated agent, no broker cost.