Statement by Mr. Samuel gare acting secretary-general of the citizens' committee of vanuatu

  Welcome to the beautiful Pacific nation of vanuatu. I am very pleased to see that my country is providing opportunities for foreign investment through our honorary citizenship programme, the development support programme, which is essential for the sustained economic growth of vanuatu. We hope that, as citizens of vanuatu, you will come to love this country, its people and its way of life. We are delighted to welcome you to vanuatu and warmly encourage you to become a citizen of our beautiful country through our program.

  Application process:

  1. Signing: signing the service agreement

  2. Data collection: provide documents required for the application according to the data list

  3. Background check: only check the client's international background

  4. Donation: pay the money to the designated account

  5. Submission of documents: submit a full set of documents to the immigration office

  6, naturalization committee review: review will be approved in principle

  7. Oath taking: get your passport after taking the oath

  Naturalization condition :

  1. At least 18 years of age (parents over 50, spouse and children under 26);

  2. No criminal record;

  3. Certificate of assets over usd 450,000